About Me

Type is everything. It didn’t always use to be this way for me. When I first applied to the Cooper Union, I just wanted to play in Photoshop and make cool websites. But during my time at Cooper the type bug bit me, and it bit me hard. I went on to study typeface design at the University of Reading in the UK, and after returning to New York I have continued to be steeped in it, designing bespoke fonts for Google Webfonts, assisting with Type@Cooper and the Typographics conference, and generally being involved in the New York type community. My design work has spanned numerous disciplines, from print to digital; logos to websites, apps, and data products; but type has always remained the central focus.

At the heart of it, I just love a great system. And that’s what books, websites, and typefaces (and icons, and art object series) have in common: they’re coherent systems where each element plays a part, and concerting and fine-tuning them together to form a cohesive whole is where the excitement lies for me. Typography is the fundamental building block from which all other design elements take their cue, and a great type layout can quietly distinguish even the driest data table.

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