Aviation Week App

News the aviation industry can use (wherever they are)


Penton Media


UI Design, Mobile and Tablet


PSD Comps, Icons, Prototype, Style Guide

Team Members

Serge Andereyev | UX Research, UX Design

Karolina Lach | UI Design

Edward Canavan | Product Management

About this project

The Aviation Week & Space Technology app allows subscribers to the physical magazine to follow all of the Aviation Week’s content on their phone or tablet. Due to technical constraints, the brand lacked a device-agnostic website for its users to get their information on the go. The app was developed to expand on the experience of both the web and the print editions. Digital content of archived issues is accessible to subscribers, and daily focus topics are highlighted on the homepage. Users are able to save articles and download content for access when data connections are not available.

Working with the UX designer, we developed a horizontally paginated experience for the main sections on the tablet version to mimick news-reading apps. Each weekly section and the archives were given their own distinctive color scheme, and the user’s information and saved content was made accessible via a sidebar.

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Page variant grids for the paginated sections of the app.

Color and branding explorations for the weekly sections.

Special topic section page, the archives page, and an article page.